Moderator, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Science and Technology Brain Trust Panels: Diversifying Silicon Valley and The Day in the Life, September 2014.

Keynote, Teaching and Learning Excellence Center NSF Center for Research on Complex Networks Annual International Conference, Innovation in Education Envisioning and Influencing Future Outcomes, June 2014.

Featured Speaker, Bilateral Chamber, Offshore Technical Conference Special Roundtable Dialogue, Knowledge Based Economies in the Information Age How to Build & Sustain A Knowledgeable Local Workforce, May 2014.

Keynote, NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD), Martin Luther King, Jr., Observance, Day of Service, January 2014.

Lecture, Rice University, The Program for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Culture (PSERC), Discussion: “Multiplication is for White People”: Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children, November 2013.

Panelist, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference: Beacons for the Future: Trailblazers in STEM Education for African Americans, September 2013

Panelist, Texas Black Expo Youth Summit, George R. Brown Convention Center, June 2013

Speaker, Women in STEM Education Institute – Rising to the Top, Lone Star College System, April 2013

Panelist, STEM Education Day, Thought Leadership Panel, George R. Brown Convention Center, April 2013

Speaker, Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in STEM, Prairie View A & M University of Texas, March 2013

Panelist, CTE and Vocational Trades and Testing:  Another Option for students or tracking, Texas Legislative Black Caucus, February 2013

Speaker, STEM + Sports All-Star Science Festival, Space Center Houston, February 2013

Speaker, College Career Empowerment Summit, Houston Community College Southwest, February 2013

Keynote, AT&T Community Network Scholarship Luncheon, June 2012

Speaker, East Side High School Commencement, May 2012

Keynote,Cognizant Community for Women Event, Future of Work: the next generation, April 2012

Panelist,Global New Energy Conference, April 2012

Speaker, Education Mission, Gaborone, Botswana, March 2012

Panelist, STEM Conference, Harmony Public Schools, November 2011

Panelist, Texas Diversity Council College Tour, Texas Southern University, Breaking into the Real World after College, October 2011

Panelist, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, Investing in America’s Future, September 2011

Panelist, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, The Miseducation of Capitol Hill?  Reforming Education Policy Forum, September 2011

‘Panelist, Child Advocates, STEM and the Community, September 2011

Panelist, Naval STEM Forum, Best Practices in STEM, June 2011

Speaker, CSTEM: Pre K-12 Education, Dominican, Republic, November 2010

Keynote, NCPN, Creating STEM Innovators through the Education System, October 2010

Panelist, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, Door to the Future: Transforming Public Education for African-American Youth, September 2010

Panelist, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, Education and Youth Prevention: A Forum on the state of African American Children. They must survive. Factors Plaguing our African American Youth, September 2010

Keynote, Southern University, A Reason for Change: Preparing students for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, July 2010

Lecturer, National Science Teacher Association Conference, From Cradle to Career: Using Connectivity to Create Continuous Improvement in Science, March 2010

Presenter, Region 18 Education Service Center, Vision XVIII Conference:  A conference on the Education of Gifted and Talented Learners and Defining Rigor for All, February 2010

Panelist, University of Houston Downtown, HunCON STEM Conference, Houston, Texas, February 2009

Presenter, Texas Business Education Coalition National Honor Roll Conference, Dallas, TX, November 2008

Presenter, National Urban League Conference: Shell STEM Careers Panel Discussion, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, July 2008

Presenter, Texas Southern University Research Week: Merging Research Trends in Social and Behavioral Studies, the Arts, and Science, Houston, TX, April 2008

Co-host, Dialogue Houston with Laurence Payne, HCC-TV, “STEM and the Houston Workforce”, 2008

Presenter, National Urban League Conference: Shell STEM Careers Panel Discussion, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, July 2007

Presenter, 21st Century Schools, Holdenville Public Schools, Holdenville, OK, August 2006

Presenter, Houston A+ Challenge, Houston, TX 2005-2006

Presenter, Expanding Your Horizons, The Rice School, Houston, TX, March 2004

Presenter, REEP Summer Academy, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, July 2003

Presenter, Future All Stars Baseball Hitters Retreat, Houston, TX, December 2001, 2004

Faculty Advisor and Presenter, Teach For America Summer Institute, Houston, TX, July 2000

Presenter, SECME Summer Institute, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, July 1999

Presenter, STROBE program, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, July 1997


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