Opportunity Cost


In order to write your new chapter in STEM, you cannot not let doubt paralyze you.

There is a shift occurring in the United States to that of a majority-minority population and it is occurring faster than expected and faster than those investing in STEM education programs and initiatives can feel and see the outputs.  The anticipated return on investment overtime is with Millennial’s and Minorities— completing certificate and degree programs in significant numbers prepared and ready to fill skilled labor jobs in STEM workforce areas.

There is an ongoing conversation regarding the STEM Skills Gap. Should closing the STEM Skills Gap be the responsibility of Millennial’s and minorities?  Many would think so, seeing that the “Baby Boomers” are retiring in larger numbers in the next 5 years.

Millennial’s and Minorities are all considered to be the next generation of workers; however, this group all have increasingly demonstrated an interest in seeking non-labor types of jobs, unrelated to labor intensive jobs.

Today, 62% of STEM firms struggle to fill important skilled labor positions and 74% predict a shortfall of qualified skilled trade workers. These struggles and predictions have an estimated lost for businesses of over $50 million over the next 5 years.

In life there is this thing I have experienced that is called “Opportunity Cost“. Put simply, nothing in life is free, you have to give up something to gain something.  The “Opportunity Cost” to excel and take advantage of STEM opportunities could be sacrifice of sleep, giving up extra time with friends and family, or time away from hobbies/favorite entertainment.

There are many who believe that people who do well in math and science were born with some great ability gene that they do not have and that is why those individuals have excelled and achieved in STEM areas.  In reality, that is not the case.  Achievement in STEM comes with discipline, putting in the work that is necessary to reap the rewards you sew to experience greater things in life.  But this can only happen by your investment of time—Opportunity Cost. Success in STEM comes with sacrifice.  The point is that in anything you do, there is going to be some type of inherent sacrifice that may or may not be obvious to you at the time, but I guarantee there will be. So, why not choose STEM? Why not choose the path that is resisted most? You have to choose the life you deserve and dream about, I happen to know that in choosing STEM, you are choosing to have what you want in life.  The choice is yours to make.


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